Can I have a stall if I don’t live in Nether Edge?
If you know someone who lives in Nether Edge, please ask them if you can use their “yard.”  It is fine by us if there are several “sales” going on at one address.  However, we do hope that individual stall holders will each pay the booking fee.


Do you have a contingency plan if the weather is bad?
Last year, hundreds of people followed the yard sale trail in the wind and rain and a great time was had by all.  Obviously we are hoping for good weather but we have learnt from experience that yard salers are not put off by the unpredictable British weather.  In short, the contingency plan is warm clothes, water proofs, umbrellas and shelter for the stalls!


Is it okay to donate my takings to a charity?
Totally!  We fully support this and encourage you to market your stall and your chosen charity via social media or by any other means.


I have paid my fee via the website “book it” link.  What happens now?
Your fee will generate an email to yard sale admin. We will then “pin” your address on the yard sale map.  You will then receive a “seller’s pack” via email which will include advertising materials and instructions for the day. Bear with us - this is not our day job!


Will my address be listed on the map?
No.  Addresses of yard sales will be highlighted by red “pins.” Your pin will be placed at the exact location of your house.


Should I market/advertise my own yard sale?
Yes please.  Use social media, word of mouth, email, text and tweet your friends. 
The more publicity the better! The very best 'yards' were the ones that people had made a big show off - 
remember there are around 60 stalls for people to go to - so make yours stand out and encourage others on your street to join the trail - the more yards on your street - the more people will come.


Where can I get a copy of the map?
The completed map will be available on the website a few days before the date of the yard sale which means you can print the map or use your phone on the day.  In addition to this we will leave some copies of the maps in local shops.  The exact location of these will be posted on the website nearer the time.


What can I sell on my yard sale?
You can sell anything.  Your “junk” is someone else’s treasure!

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