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How it works...

Have you got a whole load of junk to sell but never seem to make it to a Car Boot Sale? Hooray - that's just like us!


Join our gang & be part of the Nether Edge yard sale trail! It's £8 to be part of the trail.  You'll become a 'dot' on our Yard Sale map and we will publicise the event (with your help!) to get lots of people to come to your yard. Punters will use the map on this website to find you & follow the yard sale trail.

The week of the sale

The week of the sale, we will deliver your 'yard sale pack', which includes balloons, chalks and signage to help you direct people to your yard (and then on to other people's). We really encourage our yardies to promote the yard sale trail through their own social media.


Then on Sunday 12th June 2022, bring out a table & all your junk and SELL IT! It's that easy! After the sale, we will arrange for our charity partner (this year it's the British Heart Foundation) to come and collect any bits you didn't sell.


Follow instructions on the Book it! page to make your payment & book it now!!